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Cherish your senior pet’s golden years with compassionate senior pet care at Crossroads Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs.

Caring for Your Beloved Senior Pet

senior pet care

We love senior pets! Senior pets have special needs and benefit from more regular veterinary visits compared to their younger counterparts. Age-associated conditions include arthritis, dental disease, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and endocrine disorders.

These conditions will start to become more prevalent as your pet gets older. For this reason, we recommend twice-yearly veterinary visits for pets over seven years of age. Your aging pet may be showing early signs of osteoarthritis, such as stiffness after rest or play, difficulty going up or down stairs, and reduced activity. Early intervention with joint supplements and prescription arthritis medications, when indicated, along with modified nutrition and exercise plans, can significantly improve your pet’s comfort and mobility. Likewise, performing annual screening lab work on your older pet can help identify early stages of medical problems that might go unrecognized and progress significantly without treatment.

Some pets experience age-related behavioral changes that can be a sign of cognitive dysfunction, which is similar in some ways to dementia. Your veterinarian can recommend diet modification and supplements to help improve your older pet’s mental sharpness. Getting older doesn’t have to be fraught with troubles for your pet… see your vet regularly to help keep your senior pet healthy and comfortable.

The Benefits of Senior Pet Care

Senior pets hold a special place in our lives, and they deserve the very best care in their golden years. When you choose Crossroads Animal Hospital for senior pet care, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Well-being: Our comprehensive senior pet care plans are tailored to address age-associated conditions, ensuring your pet’s health and comfort.
  • Regular Veterinary Visits: Pets over seven years of age benefit from more frequent visits, enabling early detection and management of potential health issues.
  • Joint Health Support: Early intervention with joint supplements and prescription arthritis medications can improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life.
  • Screening Lab Work: Annual lab tests help identify the early stages of medical problems, enabling timely treatment and improved outcomes.
  • Cognitive Health: We address age-related behavioral changes with diet modification and supplements to promote mental sharpness.

At Crossroads Animal Hospital, we believe in cherishing every moment with your senior pet. Our compassionate team of veterinarians and staff are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to pets in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.