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Pet Diagnostic Care

Discover the power of pet diagnostic care at Crossroads Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs, providing tailored solutions for your pet’s health.

Empowering Pet Health with Compassionate Diagnostic Care

pet diagnostic care

At Crossroads Animal Hospital, we treat every pet like a valued family member. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our expertise in diagnostic care, ensures that your furry companion receives the best care possible. Our focus on compassionate service, along with our advanced diagnostic capabilities, sets us apart as a leading veterinary clinic in Colorado Springs.

When your pet is sick or injured, they can’t tell us what’s wrong. A thorough physical exam and history (symptoms you’ve noted at home) are the first important step. If the diagnosis is not immediately evident upon initial assessment, your veterinarian will recommend specific diagnostic tests. These may include:

  • Laboratory Testing: For baseline blood counts and organ function tests or infectious diseases. Blood and/or urine samples may be collected from your pet for point-of-care testing or reference lab tests. Point-of-care tests are those tests that are done on-site in our hospital so as to be able to determine results and make treatment recommendations in the most timely fashion possible. In other cases, lab samples may need to be sent off to off-site laboratories (reference laboratories) – when the test cannot be performed with in-hospital lab equipment or when the test results are not needed urgently.
  • Imaging: Such as x-rays or ultrasound allows the diagnosis of conditions of the heart and lungs, gastrointestinal obstruction, tumors of the internal organs or bones, fluid in the chest or abdominal cavity, urinary stones or gallstones, reproductive diseases, and bone/joint disorders. For most patients, gentle restraint can be used for these procedures. However, in some cases, sedation may be necessary.
  • Microscopy: Quite useful in evaluating lab samples such as ear swabs, skin impressions and scrapes, and needle biopsies of tumors. These tests are helpful in the diagnosis of dermatologic and otic (ear) conditions.
  • Ocular Conditions: May warrant evaluation for tear production (Schirmer Tear Test), corneal injuries (fluorescein stain), or abnormal intra-ocular pressures (Tonometry).

The Benefits of Pet Diagnostic Care

When your pet undergoes our pet diagnostic care, they gain several benefits:

  • Early Detection: Early diagnosis can prevent health issues from escalating and provide timely treatment, enhancing your pet’s chances of a swift recovery.
  • Tailored Treatment: Our precise diagnosis allows us to develop personalized treatment plans for your pet, ensuring they receive the most effective and appropriate care.
  • Improved Well-being: By addressing health concerns promptly, we enhance your pet’s overall well-being and quality of life.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your pet’s health is in the hands of compassionate and skilled professionals can provide you peace of mind.