As our pet’s bodies change with age, their health needs change as well. Since pets age faster than we do, it’s easy to forget that they can be considered seniors after just seven years. And as they get older, their needs change in unique ways that require proper consideration.

We will work with you to develop a health plan that is right for the unique needs of your senior pet. Nutrition, exercise, and the prevention of common problems through regular exams are all ways to help your senior pet stay healthy.

As a pet owner, you want to make sure your pet has the highest quality of life as they age. With proper care, they may even get more time to spend with you and your family.

Senior pets also face different health risks that need to be taken into consideration. There are certain illnesses and other health issues that are common among our senior pets, such as musculoskeletal issues. Proper nutrition is also crucial to caring for your senior pet, so it’s important to consult with us about how to best care for your senior pet.

Learn more about caring for your senior pet with these helpful tips and tidbits: