Does your pet suffer from noise phobia???

With 4th of July and summer thunderstorms your pet may be at an increase risk of anxiety associated with noise phobia.

The clinical signs/symptoms you may see related to noise phobia can range from from the following:

– Excessive panting and/or salivation
– Vocalization, excessive barking
– Trembling and pacing, or “freezing”in place
– Uncontrollable urination/defecation
– Destruction behaviors such as chewing furniture, blinds or walls
– Hiding
– Trying to “escape”

Recent studies have shown that certain dog breeds are more sensitive to noise phobia. Including, German Shepards, Collies, Beagles, and Bassett Hounds. However the study is ongoing, and can certainly affect all breeds. Cats are less likely to show symptoms as they tend to hide during high noise exposure.

There are many different possible treatments to help decrease the anxiety related to the loud noises. Some which include calming sprays, collars and vests. We can also take a medical management approach to to truly calm the fear.

We at Crossroads Animal Hospital, want to help decrease you pets fears of loud noises this season. Let’s partner together to help calm your pet’s anxiety. Please call to schedule an appointment today to discuss treatment options for you furry family member. D

Don’t spend another summer with a nervous pet!