dvm (72)This month we are going to look at a sensitive, but important health issue that impacts over 50% of the US dog and cat population. Pet obesity can have a dramatic effect on your furry friends quality of life, their mobility and overall life span. It can be a contributor to other diseases too, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart and respiratory disease, even certain types of cancer. As seen in humans, it can reduce longevity by as much as 2-3 years.

Without even realizing it, WE as the caregivers to our family pets have contributed to this growing issue by overfeeding, or feeding poor nutrition enriched diets.

To combat the problem we cannot simply reduce the amount of food being fed, even though this would seem to be a good idea, in reality it could lead malnourishment. Instead, may we suggest in partnership with your Veterinary team to investigate a nutrition program that fits your pets individual needs. There are a variety of alternatives and tools to optimize your pets nutritional arsenal.

Please consider a visit on this important life saving issue. Learn how to combat pet pet obesity and add years to their lives spent with You!

Crossroads Animal Veterinary Team